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Musician and Dreamer

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Dream Images 



" In the dream, a young woman led me through wheat fields
that swayed in the wind to the music of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony."  


For David, drawing his dreams was a means through which he could enter into the living theater of the collective unconscious and engage with what he called his "peculiar cast of characters." Among the thirty-five dream drawings contained in Appointment with the Wise Old Dog, one archetypal figure stands apart, foundational to David's myth - the central experience of his inner journey towards his final vision of wholeness.


"This soulful woman, whom I call Mairi, is not new to me. She first came to me in a dream when I was seventeen. I was then in Paris for the first time, living by myself and quite alone.

In the dream, a young woman led me through wheat fields that swayed in the wind to the music of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. There was a certainty about her, an inevitability in her stride. I felt that it was my fate to be guided by her.

The picture - the first of my paintings, made ten years after the dream - suggests in a primitive way something of her knowingness, her resolve. But the marvel of her presence vastly exceeded my artistic ability.

I had no idea then what Mairi’s goals were, or the power of consolation she would eventually bring me. Over time, I’ve come to realize that this feminine presence is not merely a personal experience. She’s found in legends and literature. For Dante, she was Beatrice, leading him from Purgatory to Paradise. Goethe spoke of the Eternal Feminine; Jung of the Anima, the feminine form of Soul. She’s come to me in dreams, in many different transformations..."

            -from the DVD Appointment With The Wise Old Dog

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Music: Beethoven, Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 Pastoral, V. Allegretto (Finale)  
Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult, conductor